How it Works


    Step One: Activate Your Select My eBook Activation Code

Your first step is to locate your Activation Code. There are two ways in which you could have received a Select My eBook Activation Code. You either received a printed certificate, which would have your Activation Code printed on it, or you received a Activation Code by email.

Click Here to View an eBook Activation Code Click Here to View the Activation Page

Note: Your Select My eBook code does not expire, so take all the time you need to redeem it.


If you were not given a Select My eBook Activation Code, or lost your Select My eBook Activation Code, you'll need to contact the business that gave you your code. That is not Select My eBook. Select My eBook is merely a rewards administration website. We don't give out Activation Codes.

If you receive an error during the registration process, please re-check your code. Most times, it's simply a typing error.
Your Select My eBook Reward is not cash. It is not a gift certificate. It is not transferable. And it may not be used in any physical store or on any other website. You can only redeem it on this website.
  Step Two: Login to the Select My eBook Website

Once you've activated your Select My eBook Activation Code, you're ready to login to the Select My eBook website. Simply enter your username and password on the Login page, and you'll be taken the eBook Download Center. Here you'll be able to browse thousands of eBook titles, and treat yourself to some additional bonus savings.

Click Here to View the Login Page

Note: If you're having trouble logging into the Select My eBook website, make sure that are using the correct username and password. Remember, your username is your email address. If you're still having trouble accessing the eBook Download Center, click here for help with your username or password.

 Step Three: Make Your eBook Selections
First: Once you've successfully logged into the eBook Download Center, it's time to make your eBook selections! Not sure what you've downloaded already or how many downloads you're entitled to? Take a look at Your Account Details, found on the left side of this page.

Next: If you're not quite sure which eBook you're looking for, trying using our Search tool– allowing you to find eBooks by Title, Author, or Popularity.

  Step Four: Download Your eBook Selections

Once you've found an eBook that you're interested in reading, simply click on the eBook title and you'll be taken to the Download page. On this page, you'll be able to select which format you'd like to download as well. Not quite sure which format is best for you? Click here to learn more about the different options, and further instructions on how to download and view your new eBook. Enjoy!